Tuesday, December 27, 2016

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BACKGROUND in 2014 Center for Investigative Journalism did a series of articles on guard assaults of inmates at Waupun Correctional.
 I had been collecting testimony for a long time and the prisoners were not believed until these articles. Prisoners who had been hiding gave testimony. Here is the first article which links to specific abuse cases.series : As a result of public outrage, the DOC put in some temporary reforms, like having guards wear cameras , but they went away as soon as pubic attention waned. When attention around a year later focused on overuse of solitary , there was another bunch of temporary "reforms" this time  new guidelines allowing no more that 60 days in solitary.Much was said about a new era. One person, a man who has been in solitary for 18 years knew better. Norman Green , or Ras AtumRa Mutawakkil wrote beware of false dawns that same month: .http://solitarytorture.blogspot.com/2016/04/uhuru-recognizing-false-dawns.html

Now there are the same guards on the floor, and again there is little reporting of beatings and abuses as there is a sense that nothing will ever be done and retaliation is severe for those who complain ,
Here is one typed letter from Patrick Peterson who wrote of an inmate being killed when guards sprayed him with 8 cans of tear gas:(https://ffupstuff.files.wordpress.com/2016/12/patrick-peterson-dealth-by-guards-6-16-1.pdf ). He was put into segregation before this letter reached me. Only when our  mail can gain some privacy , can we pursue this matter

Health care generally: 

Health Care

      Health care units in male facilities are overwhelmed due to overcrowding, and aging population, and lack of health care professionals. (i.e. doctors and  nurses) Nearly every the Health services unit (HSU) in the male system is lacking several nursing and physician positions which denies basic medical care. (For example, One OSCI prisoners (Medium prison) writes that there are 2 Doctors for 2,000 prisoners. We have news articles but no exact data yet) There are also many other factors leading to a completely failed health care system in which prisoners wait interminably for care.
     In addition is the issue of the DOC allowing untrained, uneducated corrections officers (COS) to administer controlled prescription and DEA monitored medications rather than nurses( RNs and LPNS) This policy and practice has resulted in prisoners being dangerously overdosed, wrong medications being given, medications not give at all or very late, medication logs fabricated, and medications (narcotics)stolen. In the case of one of our plaintiffs, the guard was fired for stealing prescription meds from this plaintiff and is now facing criminal charges. As to the other issues, one prisoner at Waupun Correctional has documented and exhausted his administrative remedies on nearly two dozen instances of abuse and incompetence in medication distribution, including insulin denials.
William Ledford Plaintiff one and main litigator_
William Ledford-letter is out to him- he will send his documentation and I asked him to write you to let you know of the health part of the class  action- where he is with it as I have given him the plaintiffs stories. I will forward all he sends me to you.

Plaintiff two Jason Brush: lots of issues , the most important for us us the stealing of drugs by the guard- they arrested him and his case points out clearly that guards should not be dispensing drugs. Another issue here is that he was unable to breathe and could not get past the guards to the nurse- they said "if you can talk, you can breathe" which is correct for choking but not for breathing. Lack of professional staff, lack of training for guards and too few guards- lethal.

complaints exhausted:

Plaintiff Three- general health care: Robert Reifchneider: documents coming from friend

Robert Reifschneider #211858, NLCI: Almost beat to death, 30 witnesses and camera yet he was charged  , in coma 4 days, retaliation severe continues now-no treatment, feels in danger for his life.Has completed exhaustion on all. All document s in hands of person on outside, have written for contact info. No problem paying filing fee. Has exhausted all remedies and appeals on all issues except being on ac appeal for which is submitted.also filed a complaint on it- issues: beating, health care,” being in this prison with staff trying to kill me”( retaliation big time)
In the wings:
Joshua Bella'
Matthew Stechauner
Daniel Chipman

Robert Ward:young man Mentally ill harming himself and ignored. Later in “Random cell search legal property, all exhaustion dos taken , tv and radio wrecked=told they were wrecked before. Issue no treatment – deliberate indifference to asking for help in preventing suicide, retaliation for Filing complaint.  on administrative confinement now- not given reason. Says there were 15 transfers to A/C when he came. I did WSPF open  records request, got the names and numbers.

Raynell Morgan - Kamau Damali- Was on administrative confinement for 14 plus years now lives in torture with bugs crawling on him , fear of eating clicks in his head. He is sure the CIA implanted a chip in his head causing the symptoms- I have known this man since I started this work- have what ever we need probably-He write a complaint to the CIA and is getting what he thinks is fierce retaliation. see  complaint and my letters to Madison.
Documents coming:

mentally ill and  long term solitary and AC
Joshua Scolman:https://ffupstuff.files.wordpress.com/201r-andbacked-into-a-corner1.pdf

The next two are excellent litigators and have been stuck in seg for years, for Uhuru, 18 years. They are clearly political prisoners. I work closely with them and they have taught me much- will write asking if they want to be plaintiffs after you and I talk.
        Ras AtumRa Uhuru Mutawakkil- Norman Green has filed a petition to end forced feeding as retaliation in court- write is here:
        Mustafa Ajala- Dennis Jones- he wrote the supermax lawsuit


1)Taychedah lawsuit- good  model

photos and plan of mental health unit installed at TCI

 2) Colorado , under Rick Raemisch former WI DOC secretary, does it right-
chart of decline in use of solitary(Chart and other graphs coming)-from article below

Wisconsin watch article co and WI explain wisconsin stuff not true now as reduced solitary time was temporary and the guidelines disappeared as soon as public interest waned. But this is a very good article outlining what CO does and giving us a path:
CO rules to study for what we can use:
this is what they have for really dangerous prisoners